nice to meet you!


Hi! My name is Britt Baue (rhymes with Maui) & I am a designer/illustrator from the Indianapolis area who is constantly looking to broaden her artistic horizon. If you like what you see, then you know what to do.

Maybe this is just my just my love for the Little House books & my longing to move out West, but I like to consider myself a bit of a pioneer.


Graphic Design

Wordpress Sites
Social Media Content
Logos & Branding
T-shirt Design
Print & Digital Ads
Cards & Invitations
Banners, Postcards, Posters
Folders, Flyers, & more


Vector Illustrations
Traditional Paintings
Human & Pet Portraits
Children’s Book Illustrations
Character Design


Digital Banners for Arenas
Character Animation
General Motion Graphics
3D capable, 2D preferred

Other Realms

Caricatures at Events
Face Painting
Tattoo Design
Hair Color
Interior Design
String Art


After Effects90%
Salesforce Marketing Cloud70%

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“Branding Baroness meets Social Media Wizard”
(my taxes say graphic designer)
June 2015-Present

  • Design & update all company graphics
    • Print, digital, presentation, signage, clothing…pretty much everything BUT the cups!
  • Assist with campaign creation & execution
  • Moderate all HotBox related social media accounts utilizing apps such as HootSuite
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Eventbrite, Snapchat (filter creation & account moderation)
    • This includes scheduling content, responding to complaints, running contests, designing posts, & more
  • Moderate HotBoxPizza.com via WordPress
  • Email creation, web collect integration, automation, & campaign creation in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly Exact Target)
HotBox Portfolio

Digital Media Designer → Training Quality Specialist
Jan 2011-Oct 2015

  • Design online ads for business across the nation
  • Personally pioneered technology such as Pointroll, Rovion, & HTML5 ads
  • Learned basics of AS3 & mastered Flash animation
  • Generated special graphics for games for big names like McDonalds & Habitat for Humainty
  • Designed email campaigns with in-house app (Similar to Salesforce or MailChimp)
  • Trained new hires on the ins & outs of the Adobe suite, how to utilize the Google family, Gannett’s order of operations, & more
  • Designed new training materials
  • Worked with a team on creation & implementation of in-house employee happiness campaigns

Art Supervisor, Caricature Artist, Face Painter, Hanimals Artist, Santa Photographer
Near full time Feb 2010-Dec 2010
Weekends & occasional events 2011 – 2015 seasons

  • Started out as caricature artist the first season
  • Was voted Most Friendly & Best Customer Service in 2010
  • Pretty much became best friends with Santa
  • Ran booth for large scale events such as Zoobilation
  • Was awarded numerous times for high grossing shifts
  • Progressed quickly to from artist, to lead, to a supervisor who knew to to work at all of the operations
    • Took on many duties such as payroll and inventory
  • Only stepped down because job was not year round

Though I no longer work with the zoo, I still offer caricature & face painting services. If you or someone you know is looking for an artist, please contact me!

Shift Lead
July 2007-May 2010
(aka when Hollywood Video went bankrupt)

OK, sure. My first job from nearly 10 years ago probably won’t say much for my portfolio. BUT, I’m still pretty proud of the fact that my first job was a clerk at a video game store. They even let me paint the windows a few times!

BS in Media Arts & Animation
July 2007-Dec 2010

  • Mastered key Adobe apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, InDesign, Premier, After Effects
  • Sculpting, rigging, textures, cameras, lighting, animating & more in Autodesk Maya
  • Third student (first girl!) to finish this new program
  • Fundamentals of animation expert


Britt Baue is a very intelligent and resourceful woman. I am proud to be able to recommend her as a graphic designer, leader, and animator. Britt is a diligent, critical thinker who is always ready for a challenge.

It was a great pleasure to work with her.

Gretta G.Previous coworker & talented designer
Talkative, but a pleasure to have in class!
Most of Britt's Report CardsK-12+
A ClientProof available upon request